Home Slaughter Video Now Available!


The Rabbit Industry Council's Humane Rabbit Slaughter For Home Use video is available! Our first educational video, it is professional and packed with incredibly useful information for the rabbit breeder.

This is an unbeatable resource for anyone who wishes to learn how to produce their own food and/or fur using domestic rabbits.

This high-quality and comprehensive video includes information on:

  • how to humanely euthanize rabbits for slaughter, using one of four methods:
    • Gunshot,
    • blunt trauma,
    • mechanical cervical dislocation
    • and manual cervical dislocation
  • how to set up a butchering area
  • how to hang, pelt,
  • and eviscerate your rabbit
  • while also performing a rough exam for health
  • how to evaluate your rabbits for performance data which can save you feed and money

Also included: Footage showing healthy and unhealthy conditions which can affect the carcass, such as lung abscesses, liver coccidia, pneumonia and more!

FORMAT: DVD playable on computers and standard DVD players
RUNTIME: 1 hour +
BONUS: Second DVD coming soon at NO CHARGE based on feedback from the 1st to answer questions, footage on abnormalities, printable reference cards, and much, much more! (will be sent automatically to purchasers of Volume 1.)

Price: $29.97 USD, includes shipping, handling, sales tax

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Pamela Alley
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Produced and edited by
Pamela Alley, RVT
Director, Rabbit Industry Council
3789 Oro Bangor Highway
Oroville, CA 95966

copyright (c)2010